What kind of photos is it better to upload?

Do you remember the good old saying about the fact that men love with their eyes? Practice shows that before reading any letter (not mentioning the fact of writing an answer), any man looks at the photo.

Here are some simple tips on what photos you need to attach to your profile in order the men write to you:

1. Photos should be large enough

Once you attach a photo, photo editor of Svadba.com will still have to work with it - he will adjust the photo to the right size and put the site logo on it. The minimum size of the photo should be 1920x1290 pixels or 1290x1920. Smaller photos will not be loaded into the system.

2. Background

Attention of a man who will look at your picture should not be dissipated, so take care there are no small details in the background - books, vases, flowers, colorful wallpaper and (God forbid!) wall hangings! It is best to use light colors - white, light beige and light gray. Take care the parts of the bodies of others are not in the photo. Hand of the friend on your shoulder can play a bad role.

3. There should be at least three photos

Men write letters much less to girls who have attached just one photo to their profile. Most likely, they think that the photo is just taken from some website or magazine. So just show them that you're real, you're proud of yourself and you have a lot of photos. These photos must be different! For example, one studio, the other - where you are in the nature (but not with a can of beer, but for example, a romantic picture in an embrace with a birch), the third - from the beach in a bathing suit, to show how good you are. One photo can be a portrait, the other in a full-length.

4. Make-up, hairstyle, clothes, shoes

When choosing a photo, think whether you will be noticed among a great number of profiles on Svadba.com. Whether the skirt is too long or pants too wide? Maybe heeled shoes are better than sneakers? What is depicted at the background? Do you like yourself at the photo? And do the friends of the opposite sex like it?

5. What and who should be on the photo

Only you should be on the photos. Group photos, photos with friends, children or pets are not published. Photos must be taken of you not earlier than one year ago. Choose the photos, from which it is understandable, what you look like now. If now you have black hair, do not upload your photos where you are blonde and vice versa. And especially do not load the photos where you have hair of different colors, different lengths and so on. Do not load photos in which you are wearing glasses, especially black: facial features are poorly visible in such photos. Also, do not publish photos of explicit content.

6. Say "beer"!

Well, or "cheese" – anyway, the main point is you should be smiling in the photo, and do not seem resentful, self-contained and surly. It is not necessary to smile so wide that one can see the molars (you are not yet in the United States), you can simply smile cute...

And finally, some examples of good and not so good photos:

Good photos:

Good photos:
Хорошее фото Хорошее фото Хорошее фото
Inappropriate photos:
Не очень хорошее фото Не очень хорошее фото Не очень хорошее фото