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What do you need to know about meeting with a foreigner?

Hereinafter you will find information which you may need if you are planning to meet with a member our website.

  • Meeting in your city

    • We recommend meeting if you have already communicated with the man on our website for a while:  you have carefully read man' s profile, communicated with him by Camshare and heard his voice by Call Me. Before the meeting it' s better to exchange latest photos to avoid confusions.
    • The meeting has to be organized by Date Me service.
    • On the first date you can invite agency representative, translator or your friend.
    • In accordance with the Law before the date we will check a man by National Sex Offender Public Website ( ).
    • Make an appointment at the well-known public place: in café or restaurant. Agree on a meeting place with the man in advance. Avoid meetings in the hotels or at home.
    • Inform Agency and your family at what time you are planning to come back. Take your cell-phone with you and keep in touch.
    • If it happens that you started feeling uncomfortable on a date, you can easily thank the man you date and leave him.
  • Meeting abroad

    • Plan your trip abroad with the aim to maintain the acquaintance only if you' ve known the man enough on the website. We recommend you to chat with a man for a couple of months and communicate with him by CamShare.
    • Before the trip to any country make sure that the political and weather situation at this place is favorable. There are warnings about adverse regions on the website of Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine We do not recommend trips to Middle East countries bordering with Syria as well as with Gaza Sector. Besides we do not recommend visiting water area of the Gulf of Guinea in Africa, northern and eastern regions of Bekaa valley.
    • Visa is required for the trip to most countries of the world. You can find visa requirements here
    • In order to get visa we recommend you to contact only well-known travel agencies.
    • Inform your family about coming trip, leave them phone numbers.
    • For the trip you will need medical insurance. Information how to get medical insurance you can find here:
    • If insurance event happens call this number: 0 800 30 27 23
    • In case of documents loss you have to contact your country embassy.
    • You have to take with you enough clothes and financial resources to come back home safely by yourself if the meeting does not happen.
    • If you are forced under the threats or deception to do something against your will, or something illegal, or you are hold by force somewhere, or you are victim of natural disaster or a crime, or you are in the situation dangerous for life and health you have to inform police or rescue service about the circumstances. Also you have to inform your embassy.
  • Fiancée visa is a visa which future bride makes in order to enter the country for three months period (sometimes for half a year) with the aim to marry and get residence permit by marriage.

    You can make Fiancée visa only after meeting in person and if you have enough confirmations about this matter (airline tickets, joint pictures). Broom starts making Fiancée visa. He has to apply to his country Immigration Service.

    He will need:

    • Evidence of your connection and meeting in person.
    • 4 pictures of you signed and certified by you on the back side (for USA your pictures have to be made in side view)
    • International Passport copy (the expiry date has to be not less than 6 months), copy of the Birth Certificate certified by notary.

    In addition to the listed documents for getting visa you will also need:

    • Police Certificate that you are not wanted and were not prosecuted.
    • Certified copies of all documents with translation into English (your Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate of ex-spouse if you are a widow)
    • Broom financial guarantee

    Some countries (for example USA) require medical commission examination which you can undergo only in one of clinics appointed by embassy. Document processing for Fiancée visa usually takes about 3-6 months.

  • Living abroad (USA example)


    For living abroad you have to study official state language.

  • Residence Permit and Citizenship

    A woman who got married USA citizen has the right for getting Green Card. The process for getting legal residence status consists of 2 steps:

    • Getting Conditional Permanent Green Card if at the moment of applying documents the marriage lasts less than 2 years,
    • Removing limitations from Conditional Green Card for getting Permanent Green Card that will give you the right to become USA citizen in future.
  • Medical Aid

    There is no compulsory medical insurance in the USA. The medical services are very expensive. Medical expenses become a responsibility of a person.

    There are 3 main ways for getting medical insurance:

    • At work
    • Directly from Insurance company
    • From the State

    Here is the list of the places where patients are accepted without medical insurance for free or low price:

    • Free clinics
    • Mobile hospitals
    • Public Health Centers
    • Some of the Clinics of Healthcare Department
  • Legal support

    You can get free legal information and learn about free legal services on the website The Russian speaking lawyers services are provided on the website

    If you are forced under the threats or deception to do something against your will, or something illegal, or you are hold by force somewhere you also may use hotline of National Centre for support of human trafficking victims 1-888-373-7888 or text to the number BeFree (233733).

    "Human rights lawyers" organization gives support to women from former USSR.

  • Tax Consultations

    All the residents of USA should pay taxes. You have to fill Personal Tax Declaration annually starting from the year of getting Green Card, regardless of where you leave and where you get your salary.

    Who helps with preparation of the Tax Declaration for free?
    Organizations which assist in filling Tax Declarations for free can provide the service not with any declaration types and have requirements on the income level. As a rule family with low and average income may use their services.

    • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

      IRS assists the visitors in preparation of the Tax Declarations for free during a year. You can find your nearest office on the IRS website ( ).

    • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

      VITA (the sponsor of IRS) assists in preparation of the Tax declarations and acts since February till middle April. To find the nearest office call (800)TAX-1040 or (800)829-1040

    • Community Tax Aid (CTA)

      CTA also for free helps in preparation of the Tax Declarations and acts since middle January till middle April. The nearest agency you can find by the number (212) 788-7552.

  • Childbirth abroad

    A child born in USA has right for USA citizenship.

    A child born in USA also can get Russian Federation (or Ukraine etc,) citizenship if his/her parents (or one of the parents) are citizens of Russian Federation (or Ukraine etc).

  • Useful phone numbers in USA:

    National emergency number - 911

    Ukraine Embassy in USA:

    1. Washington — Ukrainian Embassy
    2. ADDRESS 3350 M Street NW
    3. Washington DC 20007
    4. PHONE LOCAL: (202) 349.2920
    5. INTERNATIONAL: +1.202.349.292
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