Mobile chat. Limitless possibilities for communication!

If you want to stay in touch even when you're not online, you can attach your mobile phone to chat. By doing this, you'll be able to communicate via SMS as easy as you do it in the usual chat. Mobile chat will only work if you are not online.

About mobile chat

Dreams come true with! It has become much easier to communicate with men - as your cell phone is always with you! If you attach your cell phone number to the Live Chat - men of your dreams will often invite you to chat, so you will find your chosen one and be able to change your life.

Mobile chat is a special mode of Live Chat, in which you are off-site and you use a cell phone to send messages.

Now you can be in touch with your man, even when computer is not at your disposal - just take your cell phone with you to the salon or for shopping.

How it works

It's very simple: the system automatically sends you a message from the Live Chat, if you attach your cell phone number (1) and allow the system to send you an SMS (2)..

Схема работы

In order it is easier for you to deal with mobile chat try to use it with a man already familiar to you, the man with whom you've talked for a long time. Man will also be interested in testing the new product!

Having received SMS, answer to the man, using function Reply or Answer (depending on the model of your phone) to the number from which you received a message. Do not worry, the man does not see the numbers of your cell phone. To finish the chat, simply agree with the man on the next meeting in the chat, sending him the proper SMS.

If you're leaving on vacation or just want a break from the communication - you can turn off the service of mobile chat for a time, for this you can use the page My Svadba or do it directly in the chat window.

And do not worry, man will not bother you at night. The system will automatically recognize your time and will not send you messages from 10 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Features and limitations

Mobile Chat is created in order to expand the boundaries of your communication. Men will be able to invite you to the chat even when you're not online.

For your convenience, the system automatically displays the entire conversation which took place, which was held in the mode of mobile chat, when you open the window Live Chat with your man.

My mobile chat does not work. What to do?

First, make sure you specify the correct phone number. Phone number must be entered in international format. Ask someone to check whether you have entered your phone number or call your mobile operator to clarify the international format of your number.

For example, the number may be as follows: 380 99 1234567, where 380 - Code of Ukraine, 99 - code for your operator, and 1234567 - number of your cell phone.

If you have properly attached cell phone number you will receive information SMS that the service has been activated successfully.

If you have any problems with communication through mobile chat, you can continue to communicate with the man, using Live Chat via the website or write him a letter. does its best to make communication with men much easier!